Monday, September 29, 2008

Cooking mostly done. Happy New Year!

Phew. Most of my cooking for Rosh Hashana is done: 2 cakes, 2 soups, 3 meat dishes, 4 side dishes, probably more that I can't remember right now. I actually planned things really well for once, but would be more "done" if my stove did not cave under pressure. 400 degree oven for 3 hours + 3 burners going = one unhappy stove that won't boil soup quickly.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year. A year of peace, gratitude, health and wealth. And a new kitchen to those of you who need one!

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Ari (Baking and Books) said...

Shana tovah! I hope you had a lovely first night of Rosh HaShanah and that the lucky folks you shared your food appreciated all your hard work! I'm sure everything was delicious.