Sunday, May 3, 2009

Decadent cheesecake recipe for Shavuos found!

Over the past couple of years, I've been finding more and more new recipes to try on the Internet, instead of finding them in cookbooks. I still buy cookbooks, but can be more selective about the cookbook topics, since I don't need as many general cookbooks in my collections. I also end up reading more books about cooks and food in general (Michael Pollan anyone?). As mentioned in my last post, I make two cheesecake recipes for the holiday of Shavuos. I've found one recipe that I plan to make this year.

I really enjoy Ariella's (Ari) Baking and Books blog. She always makes something really interesting, is a really good writer, and features mouth-watering pictures. I enjoy her cookbook reviews; my GoodReads list of cooking books to read and/or buy is growing rapidly!

Right around Passover, Ari featured a recipe for Honey Ricotta Cheesecake that looks amazing. I particularly like the fact that it only calls for 2 packages of cream cheese; many recipes call for 4 packages. She also calls for ricotta, but ricotta seems to be lighter to me (I haven't actually compared nutrition labels to see if the fat content is actually lighter), so I don't mind using this cheese in addition to the cream cheese. I can't bring myself to make a 4-packages-of-cream-cheese recipes; it's just too fatty. I've become more and more sensitive to what's in (or not in) my food over the past few years and such rich recipes just turn me off.

Ari's recipe also has 7 tips for making perfect cheese cake - I suggest you take a look before your embark on your Shavuos baking. I already knew about tip #4 - don't use low-fat cream cheese if the recipe doesn't call for it. You'll mess up the fat ratio in the recipe, and the cake just won't taste that good.

Oh, and another thing about Baking and Books - Ariella gives away cookbooks every month to commenters. Enjoy!